Project Overview

The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult is a centre of excellence in innovation, with the core purpose of building a world-leading cell and gene therapy sector in the UK as a key part of a global industry.

I was brought on board to redesign the cell therapy section of the global company site. This project required both UI and UX design, which I was tasked to lead. The challenge was to design a fully responsive website with a limited style guide and no UX or wireframes. First I liased with the team to understand the priority of the information being displayed to create an information hierarchy. From there I was to map out the UX and journey of a user on the website depending on what the user would want to achieve from their visit. I also considered how the primary and secondary navigation would work across different screen sizes and where break points should be placed.

Since the subject matter of the website was very informational and scientific, during design stage I ensured that I delivered a graphically strong homepage design and layout across all devices and a much cleaner ‘white space’ feel across the content pages since a great deal of information had to be displayed. The finished design was well received by the client.

Inner page designs were much cleaner and used a lot of white space. However I included highlights of colour and selected strong imagery to ensure the site remained impactful.