Project Overview
Aviva Community Fund is an existing, successful, high profile global initiative reaching a global audience of over 1 million people and promoting positive awareness of the Aviva brand. It awards funding to projects nominated and voted for by the public. The current dated interface required a full design overhaul from both a UX and visual design point of view.
Features and Objectives
Streamlined experience to help the customers register, search for projects and vote more easily
• Streamlined content and removed heavy clutter from across the site to promote clarity
Design a creative illustration theme which is still fitting with the Aviva brand
Create page templates for use across all ACF global markets manager.
Design and discovery
• Exploring ideas for photography and illustration styles
New mega menu component design

The old mega menu was text based. Created a new visually compelling 4 column design to include general description, section titles, CTA, images and video. Video would preview on hover action.

Wireframe and new UI design

New search filter and results display component design.

No current search filter exists. Created a new design inline with the style guide - both desktop and responsive - that would work within this scenario but also created a business case for filter use in other Aviva products.

New design of a results component. Displays category, project title, summary, and CTA. Additional info such as location, funds needed, votes received, bookmarks accompanied by iconography. Colour coding for cat clarity.
Illustrations created using new and existing graphics comped together to create scenes for different sections of the site
New Search Results UI component
New responsive layout across the site
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