Project Overview
Paxton & Whitfield (P&W) is Britains leading cheesemonger established over 225 years ago in 1797. Hand cut and responsibly sourced cheese, P&W pride themselves in delivering luxury cheese to hundreds of households across the UK.
Having a strong online presence is a key strategy for this retailer to ensure that customers can easily browse and purchase products from the website. The client found there was a high drop off rate during the checkout proccess and found that many customers were not completing their purchases.
The challenge was to overhaul the online checkout process and to streamline it as much as possible so customers would easily understand what to do.
The Process
I kicked off this project by carrying out a UX evaluation of the current check out process. There were a number of areas that needed improvement from clearer sign posting, de-clutering pages and simplifying the user journey. The layout of the checkout pages needed work as there was not a clear information hierarchy.
I then held a workshop with the client to discuss my findings. We agreed on how we would streamline the customer journey by ensuring there clear, simple steps for the user to follow. We also introduced an interactive calendar where customers could select dates for delivery and click and collect.
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