Project Overview
Schroders is a British multinational asset management company with it’s headquarters based in London and several offices around the globe.

Working with a large digital agency I was tasked to design the online annual report for the company. I used the brand statue images across the site, some large and some small and some as faded background images with colour washes on top of them. Having these elements visible across different areas of the site strengthened the brand look and feel.
The Process
My initial thoughts were to create something that was very clean using white space but to use brand elements and statistical data for highlight and standout.

I selected company corporate imagery based on composition and layout that worked across different sections of the site.

I designed the layout of inner pages where heavy copy and data were displayed. Statistical data was also used as highlights on the pages along with table data and infographics. I created the link language to differentiate between headlines, body copy and hyperlinks. The site was designed responsive to work across all digital devices.
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